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In the last installment, we discussed millennials’ and Gen Zers’ expectations for work-life balance and ethical leadership when looking for a job. In the second part of this series, we’ll cover two more things these young professionals want to see in their future workplaces.

  1. Clear Expectations

Gen Zers are entering the workforce with high expectations that their work will be meaningful. However, they will also be entering a workforce with many issues when it comes to establishing expectations. For instance, a survey conducted by the Gallup organization revealed that only six in 10 employees know what’s expected of them at work. Only four in 10 employees feel that their job is very important, and only three in 10 believe that they have a manager who genuinely cares about them.

To effectively address the expectations of Gen Z, organizations must start implementing programs that will help them meet their goals and provide them with a platform to voice their concerns. Aside from providing a variety of resources and information, a great company website can also help employees develop a deeper understanding of their expectations.

  1. Diversity and Inclusiveness

Due to the increasing diversity and connectedness of the world, younger generations are demanding more from their companies. They are also voting with their feet when it comes to employment and consumer choices. This is why it’s important that companies implement programs that promote inclusion and respect.

Despite positive employee engagement statistics going into 2020, employee engagement in the US dropped in the summer due to the protests that happened in the country. In response, many companies took notice of the issue of diversity and inclusion. One of the most important factors that businesses can consider when it comes to addressing this issue is the concept of individual respect.

According to the survey, employees of younger generations want to feel valued and respected. This is because they believe that doing so will help them perform their work better. Disrespect can also lead to distrust and undermine the effectiveness of their communication. If your company isn’t making conscious efforts in promoting diversity and inclusion, you likely won’t have much success hiring from these younger generations.

Young professionals are the future of every company that is operating today. Keeping their values in mind and reevaluating company standards and practices will help you ensure new employees continue to join your team, find fulfillment and satisfaction, and keep your company thriving long after your current employees retire.