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Communication is an important cornerstone for any workplace, not to mention for any human interaction whatsoever. Miscommunications can range from a minor mistake that is laughed off, to those so serious there may be human lives at stake. However, there is always a hierarchy present between people discussing anything. It can be between mother and son, or boss and employee. The balance of power can be navigated during both interactions, but what if there is something more at stake that is delicate to bring up?

Avoiding mistakes is always something that is treasured, and that would not be possible without direct dialogue making sure there is an understanding that the supporting it may speak up if something is wrong, not allowing the higher ranking person to fly head-first into making mistakes. Egos must be pushed aside, so that everyone is working for one common goal.

Treating employees as equals and making them feel they have a say in things and are valued is also important. If someone is shutout of the decision-making process regularly, they may grow resentful of the hierarchy and simply not say anything, letting others fly close to the sun and taking enjoyment from it. Therefore it is imperative to include everyone equally and make sure that what they have to say is listened to and taken into consideration.

If there is a particularly large management structure, implementing these rules may even expose those who are not capable of managing in such a way. Those who cannot manage are not capable of running a tight ship with everyone involved, not being able to work together to create a common goal, and may even show themselves to fall short of the position they have achieved.

An open way of communicating is very important to workplace morale. Everyone must make sure to know that they are able to speak up at any moment in the day, and that everyone’s opinion is taken at face value, and that there is no hierarchy as such when trying to complete a goal as a team. Effectively disagreeing is a big difference compared to a certain management style, therefore it must be explained that this is the atmosphere at work, and that everyone is in it together as a team working towards a goal.