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Have you been in a typical office setting lately? You may notice a few changes if you are older than, say, about 30 years old. Instead of individual office rooms your first view may be that of a cubicle farm. Instead of typical office conversation, you may notice silence and observe younger folks glued to their computer screens with earbuds on. You may begin to wonder how anything gets done.

In order to provide some insight into this dynamic but yet different generation of workers, a recent article by Stanley Bing in Fortune highlighted key aspects of this demographic group:
Who Are Millennials

According to Wikipedia, millennials (also going by the term “Generation Y”) are the group whose births range between the mid-1990’s and the early 2000’s. They are now finishing up their formal education and entering the workforce. Importantly, this generation is “Marked by an increased use and familiarity with communications, media, and digital technologies.”
Online is the Norm

Millennials are more plugged into online-connected electronics than all preceding generations. Consequently, they have developed notable characteristics that are compatible with the new technologies:

  • They Work from Anywhere (…There is a Connection that is)

If there is a WiFi nearby, this generation can work … literally from anywhere. Mobility is in their genes and they bring that directly to the workforce.

  • They are not 9-to-5 Workers

Because so much work is now online anyway, they feel less compelled to be at the home office from 9 to 5. They frequently work from home or the local cafe and their employers are increasingly amenable to this arrangement.

  • They Multitask without Shame

Multitasking is so much easier in the digital work and the millennial workforce has this down. Many workers will be working on half-a-dozen tasks at the same time. During office meetings (which are dreaded) texting and email checking is normal.

  • They Mix Business with Personal

In former times, many employers expected 100% focus on business tasks while at work. This rigidity is rapidly breaking down. Today’s millennial worker will take breaks from their official work to chat with friends on Facebook, purchase goods from Amazon, and arrange trips while “at work”. So there you have it. Millennials are progressive in the way they work. Their way is natural for them. No need to fear: the situation is in capable and good hands.