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Although you can’t prevent yourself from falling ill at work, you can still be careful around certain things. For instance, you should always be aware of the signs that a ship is sinking.

Rebecca Thorman is a career and life coach who aims to help people find meaningful work and make more money. Her blog, Kontrary, offers advice on everything from business to personal development.

The Writing is on The Wall

Your ears should perk up if you hear that the company’s bills aren’t paid on time. Don’t let the accounting staff blame it on a cash-flow issue. Instead, ask them to explain the situation.

As a rule, even if a company is in financial trouble, it will still do its best to pay its workers first. The company’s financial situation could be better if your paycheck is late or missing completely.

Happy employees are vital to a company’s success and contribute to its sustainable growth. If you do not hear about a salary increase, it may be time for a change of employment. 

If the president or CEO gets removed from office, it’s time to put in place your backup plan. During a new leadership transition, the management team may introduce a new direction and vision for the company. Think about how you will feel about changes and if you’re still in the right place. 

If your colleagues are dropping like flies, it could be a sign that the company’s management is not doing a good job. Some companies won’t hire people after an employee leaves. Consider if the reason is to save money or if the job is redundant.

If the company is restructuring, it could be a sign of struggling to find footing.

If more meetings have occurred behind closed doors, it could be a sign that something is up.

If the number of complaints is growing, the company’s environment may need to be a more fun and productive place to work.

The Direction, Mission, and Goals  

Employees need to have a clear understanding of their work.

If you have great ideas but cannot implement them, it could be a red flag that you won’t be able to contribute in the future.

The pace of work is often chaotic. It can make it hard to keep up with new tasks and goals. Try to find a new job or a more consistent schedule.