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As more and more companies move their employees to full time virtual or remote work status, it is important that employees adapt to their new work situation and virtual team situations. Studies have shown that there are different characteristics and traits that make it easier for employees to shine as leaders and efficient team members when it comes to virtual versus in-person communication.

These are some of the leadership traits to adopt when working in a remote setting in order to communicate in the best way possible.

Effective Planning Skills

Because remote work relies so much on every member of the team being able to get their work done and tasks completed unsupervised, having exceptional planning skills is key. Anyone that is capable of mapping out a project into smaller doable portions is going to take the lead on projects and have team members looking to them for guidance. Polish up your planning skills to prove your worth.


When it comes to working online it is easy to become distracted or complacent with our work, so it is even more important to be dependable. Employers and coworkers need to know that members of their team are available and working during the hours of operation. Be present at all times, and stay on task to set yourself up as a leader in the office.

Goal Focused

This leadership trait goes hand in hand with strong planning skills. Setting goals for yourself and the company you work for is important as a remote worker. Set and share the personal work goals you create for the day and week, creating a sort of accountability for yourself with your coworkers and giving others something to imitate. Setting and reaching goals through smart planning and diligence is the sign of a leader both in person and in a remote work environment.

Each of these leadership traits adds up to individuals that are known as doers, able to take an idea and put themselves into action in a way that will lead to results. Companies work hard to recruit and develop doers that are going to be able to take lead on projects and develop a team that will succeed together.