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It can be very challenging to start a new job. Even though you may have the necessary skills and qualifications, it’s still important to prove yourself to your new colleagues and supervisor.

Be Present

According to Kvantum Inc’s CEO and co-founder, Shilpi Sharma, being present at all meetings is critical. It can help you get to know the team and the company’s culture.

According to Sharma, new employees should also note how their colleagues interact and how leaders communicate.

Be Proactive

One essential factor for new employees to consider when learning about their new company’s structure is having introductory meetings.

New hires should also regularly set up meetings to discuss their goals and the company’s various initiatives. According to Stephen Beach, the CEO of Craft Impact, these meetings can help them get to know their team members and develop a plan for the future.

Be Open to Feedback

New employees should regularly reach out to their colleagues for feedback during the first few weeks of their employment. This shows new employees are dedicated to their job and committed to improving their skills. They can also avoid making poor habits by addressing their issues immediately, which is very important.

Make Suggestions

Although you might be hesitant to ask questions about the processes you’re learning, it’s essential to do so if you can see a way to improve them. 

Gage Expectations

The most important thing new employees should establish during the first month of their employment is their manager’s expectations.

Setting too high a bar can lead to failure while setting it too low can make you look bad. Having a clear understanding of your expectations can help you make informed decisions.


There’s a lot to absorb and learn in a new job, so listening is essential. Listening will lead you to ask the right questions, which is also crucial.

According to Thomas Smale, the founder of FE International, people who ask the right questions during onboarding are more likely to perform well in the future.

Say Yes

New employees should say “yes” whenever they can, whether participating in a company potluck or a side project.

Getting into the company’s culture and personality is good to ensure acceptance.