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For small business owners, increasing e-commerce sales is often seen as one of the biggest challenges that they face. While getting people to visit your site is easy, converting them into paying customers can be difficult. Even though you might only need a few more sales to hit your targets, it could prove remarkably hard to achieve this goal.


This being said, e-commerce isn’t something that’s impossible to increase, so all hope shouldn’t be lost just yet. Here are five ways in which you can increase your e-commerce conversions and start seeing results for your efforts.


1) Upsell your loyal customers:


The key to upselling your loyal customers is to create a list of products that they could buy related to the current product they’ve just purchased. You could also suggest this other product or two, so long as it’s relevant and genuinely thought out. If you have identified similar products in the past, all the better, otherwise you’ll have to sit down and do some hard work yourself.


2) Use social media:


Yes, even something as ‘popular’ as social media can be used for business purposes, if only indirectly. Social media provides an excellent way of increasing your e-commerce conversions by allowing you to advertise new products via Facebook ads or Google Adwords, for example. Read up on how these services work, so you know what to do when promoting your products online.


3) Make changes in-house:


Rather than spending money on outside services, why not try making some very specific changes to your website or business practices? For example, if people struggle to find the ‘add to basket button, change it around slightly. This is a lot cheaper for small business owners who won’t have several thousand dollars lying around at any given time. Plus, the chances are that the change might be enough to increase your e-commerce conversions anyway!


4) Use SEO plugins:


One of the easiest things you can do for any website is install an SEO plugin. While several different services don’t always provide comparable service, your aim should be to have a plugin that allows you to stuff keywords into your site with ease. Similarly, if you’re able to track down keywords that potential customers are searching for in real-time, you could also target these keywords via Google Adwords or Facebook ads!




Increasing e-commerce sales is often seen as something of a complex problem, but the tips above show that it doesn’t have to be. If you use these tips on how to increase e-commerce conversions, you could broaden your clientele and see some exciting results within just a few weeks!