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Positive Change

2020 has seen the world struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic. There are economic recession and interruption of business operations everywhere across the globe. People face mental health problems, and employment has become rampant as families turn to NGOs, government, and social services for help. Employees, neighbors and the whole community have been affected; hence executive leaders should develop ways of influencing a positive change.

The following are ways in which leaders can do to bring a positive change in society:

1. Give Preference to Employees’ Wellbeing and Health.
Workers and their families are already going through uncertainty, anxiety, and stress. Leaders should offer psychological and emotional support and provide physical and mental health resources to their employees. Business leaders should initiate EAP programs to engage employees in practicing healthy behavior like physical fitness, self-care, practicing meditation and mindfulness, getting enough sunshine, eating a healthy diet, and drinking enough water.

Some of these wellness and health programs can be online as physical gatherings are discouraged by the COVID-19 health guidelines. Top management officials can also do regular surveys to analyze and monitor employees’ feelings and identify stressors. Managers should make video calls to see how their employees are doing.

Leaders should increase the employees’ flexibility to work from home to deal with Corona Virus challenges.

2. Giving Back to the Community.
Business leaders should organize ways to contribute to charity efforts. Employees, Board of Directors, and customers should also not be left behind in raising money for charitable projects. Companies can organize virtually an annual employee- giving and volunteering initiative to involve the entire organization in philanthropic events. Most workers will not travel for vacation this festive season; hence they can donate the money to such initiatives.

Businesses should become more innovative and creative. Leaders can collect food, school supplies, toiletries, and other gifts from goodwill people and then give them to the community’s needy.

Therefore, it’s evident that leaders have a significant role in bringing a positive change to the communities. Non-profit organizations have already reduced their funding by 95%, cut down their services by half, and reduced their employees by 30%. It’s now time for executives to come in and play their part. Businesses are capable of helping their communities and supporting their employees financially, psychologically, and emotionally.