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Podcasts have become one of the most popular forms of media entertainment in the world. They’re easy to listen to while you do other things such as driving or cleaning, and they can be educational, inspirational, or just plain old funny. One of the most appealing aspects of a podcast is that there are thousands of different shows out there which all cover a variety of great topics. One of the most popular topics you’ll find shows about is leadership. Leaders exist in a variety of capacities all across the globe, and many people want to share their knowledge and experiences with others to help make leading easier. Read on for a few great leadership podcasts.

This Is Your Life

Many leaders are also people who feel the need to achieve the impossible in their roles, and sometimes that can be their downfall. Host Michael Hyatt created this show so he can help those high achievers succeed in life and avoid falling due to their ambition. The show covers topics such as productivity, personal development and goal setting among other topics, as well as being entertaining and funny to boot. Whether you’re a young, new leader or a seasoned professional, this show will have something for you.

Dose of Leadership

Host Richard Rierson is known as a great interviewer who brings a unique perspective and engages his interviewees in ways that many don’t. That’s why he now hosts a show where he does that very thing with leaders in various fields. Rierson discusses leadership with CEOs, authors, major league sport coaches and so much more, and there’s even a “best of” section that features some of his most popular interviews since the show’s inception.

Engaging Leader

According to host Jesse Lahey, there are 2 types of leaders in today’s day and age. There are leaders, and then there are leaders who are trying to change the world; what she calls engagers. The goal of Lahey’s podcast is to provide leaders with the tools they need to create teams that will help them change the world by being entirely engaged with their organizations goals. Common topics covered include company culture, accountability, communication and so much more.