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Creative Ways to Show Your Employees They’re Valued

One way to avoid having a high turnover in employees is by showing them that they are appreciated. This can improve retention, productivity, morale, and engagement. When engagement is improved, employees tend to state with their company, and their work performance remains high. You can show employees that they are valued by doing various things, some involving money or gifts, and some just involving recognition and praise. Below we will take a look at some creative ways to show your employees that they are valued, with information from Business News Daily.

  1. Use a corporate gamification system.

This can be integrated into various tasks and projects that the employees complete. Tasks can be labeled into different tiers and have a point system for employees to win future prizes for completing their projects. Prizes can range from work-from-home days to extra vacation time, bonuses, material items, and even company-paid education. This can be a fun thing to do for all employees and lets them see the progress in their work. They will also start to engage with each other as teammates, congratulating their coworkers for their success and pumping them up to continue. 

  1.   Provide food. 

One thing that can be assumed with most humans is that people love to eat. Also, when working in an office environment, it can be expensive or stressful for employees to have to figure out what to do for lunch all of the time. Providing food such as having a pizza party or bringing in donuts in the morning makes employees feel appreciated and helps those who are hungry. Company-wide food events can also bring the team closer to each other and allow people to meet and speak with team members they might have not previously had the chance to. 

  1.   Celebrate birthdays.

Birthdays can be complicated subjects for individuals. Some people may not be used to getting any special recognition for their birthday, or maybe they previously were unable to get the time off and enjoy their day. Companies should value their employees’ birthdays and even provide small gifts or allow them the day off.