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Our workspaces have evolved from places of rigid order and hierarchy to more comfortable co-working spaces. Modern offices are designed to inspire and induce creativity in its workforce.

Offices now have facilities like lounges, pantry and other recreational amenities for the comfort of its employees. Companies now organize team luncheons and other fun activities to lighten up the work environment.
These are aimed at reducing the stress associated with desk jobs and promote a collaborative workspace.

Importance Of A Leader Who Values Culture

A leader’s behavior speaks loudest about the culture of an organization. Still, there are bosses who yell at their teams, don’t give credit where it is due and who don’t respect new ideas and inputs when it is not their own.
There are also instances where a leader takes undue credit for the ideas of others. These are the scenarios instilled in a toxic work culture. When a company and its leaders don’t value culture, innovation and creativity take a backseat.

Employees frustrated with their leaders cannot offer their full potential. They instead try just to follow orders and follow the conventional route. This will rob the organization of valuable insights and perspectives from its workforce.

It is a statistical fact that companies with culture and values have a positive impact on its brand and market value. When you have enthusiastic employees, their collective performance will help the company grow.

Imparting A Good Culture

Culture becomes a pattern which even people new to the organization will follow. Once a toxic culture creeps in it would take lots of effort, time and energy to change the pattern. So it is important to keep toxic culture out and here are few pointers on how to do it.

Stick to your company’s core values

  • Put cultural innovation before cost savings and financial gains
  • Recognize people who exhibit good culture and values
  • Monitor your culture to ensure it reflects the company’s value
  • Evaluate the reach of your brand with respect to its customer expectations

As the famous adage goes ‘’A boss tells people how to do things, a leader shows how it is done”, implement good values and culture as a leader. Be the example you want your team to follow.

A 2014 study by Glassdoor revealed that regardless of income, culture and values are the important factors of employee satisfaction.