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Zoom has been making waves lately with its new features and updates. If you’re not familiar with Zoom, it is a video conferencing platform that allows users to connect online. It’s been used for everything from business meetings to online classes. Recently, Zoom announced several new features that are worth taking note of. Below is a list of new features and how they can benefit your business!


1. Account Tab

The first new feature on this list is the account tab. With this tab, you can manage all of your Zoom accounts in one place. You can go through each account to review their video preferences and call history. This means that you won’t have to switch back and forth between multiple accounts anymore!


2. Shared Whiteboard

Another new feature is the shared whiteboard. This is an excellent addition to Zoom and makes it much more interactive than ever. With this, you can virtually draw on the screen, highlight information you want to share with colleagues or clients, or do anything else you would typically do in real life!


3. Shared Viewing Experience

The third new feature was added to the mobile apps for Zoom. The shared viewing experience lets you view presentations or documents with your contacts during video calls. This makes it super easy to go over important information together without having to be in the same place simultaneously!


4. Improved Meeting Experience

The improved meeting experience is another feature of Zoom’s mobile app. With this update, you can access the schedule from your phone even before dialing into a meeting. You’ll also be able to share content faster and more efficiently with this update.


5. Simpler Video Conferencing

The last new feature on this list is simple video conferencing overall. This new update aims to make it as simple as possible to have a video call. With one-click dialing, you don’t need to search for anyone’s alias or email address anymore!

These new features and updates are perfect for all kinds of businesses that rely on Zoom for their workflow. Whether you’re working from home, your office, or somewhere in between, Zoom will make the remote working process even smoother and easier than before.