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No matter what your work role is, you should always express your gratitude to those around you. This goes for the managers who oversee your work. If it isn’t easy for you to say thanks, read these three tips that can help.


1. Just do it!


Sometimes anxiety gets the best of us, especially when it comes to talking to a boss. You might think a “thank you” sounds forced or corny when it comes from you. However, it really won’t be that way for them. Managers deal with complaints all the time, so hearing a heartfelt thank you will really set you apart from others. Everyone appreciates being noticed, so just say what you feel without obsessing over it.


2. Look for a good opportunity


Don’t stress about when you should say thank you. Instead, wait for a good opportunity to slip it in. This makes your thank you much more sincere and heartfelt. If you have a weekly meeting or check-in, use this time to say thanks. If you’re sending an email, include a sentence or two expressing your gratitude. You may even use a video call to tell your manager how you are feeling at the moment. Keep it simple!


3. Keep the thank you genuine


You don’t have to rehearse your thank you or obsess over how you will say it. It doesn’t need to be overly emotional or specific, either. Your thank you should be straightforward and earnest. Consider current circumstances when you want to say thanks. If you have been facing challenges this past year because of COVID-19, you can tell your boss that you appreciate their help.


Many managers have provided help to remote employees in a more personal way due to the pandemic. If this is the case, let them know how much you appreciate whatever personal thing they have done for you. This lets your manager know that you have acknowledged what they have done and appreciate it greatly.


Final thoughts


You don’t need to make a big deal out of expressing thanks to your manager or boss. Look for an existing opportunity to say thanks and be 100% sincere. A great leader has no trouble expressing gratitude. Telling your managers thank you will demonstrate that you have your own leadership strengths.