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Leadership As Kindness

In a world full of disagreements, it’s hard to implement kindness. We witness celebrities arguing with each other in reality Tv shows every day. On social media, people label each other horrible names over small things like favorite sports teams, political affiliations or the type of car they drive. These ugly disagreements are also happening in workplaces.

So, can people disagree and still be kind to each other? Kindness is seen as a weakness in survival for the fittest world. However, scientists have it that kindness differentiates between ineffective and effective leaders. Research shows that kindness has a considerable impact on one’s happiness.

Kind leaders are humble, authentic, empathic, and have a sense of decency. These leaders believe that people are the heart of a company. They tend to listen more before making a decision.

Here are things kind leaders do well.

Kind Leaders Treat People Well

Kind leaders understand that people are not machines. They appreciate good deeds, smile with their team, and acknowledge that people have personal lives. They talk to people respectfully and celebrate their team’s success. In short, kind leaders treat people how they expect to be treated.

They Set Clear Goals

Kind leaders clearly communicate what they expect to be done to eliminate room for misdirection, miscommunication, and misinterpretation. As a result, every team member knows their role in helping to reach company goals.

Kind Leaders Are Honest

Some leaders avoid telling people the truth under the guise that they don’t want to hurt their feelings. Kind leaders give honest feedback, even if it’s unpleasing. This way, they help their team to be the best of their version in the workplace. Kindness is telling your colleague when they are not walking on the right path. These leaders are good at coaching, mentoring, and slightly pulling people whenever necessary. What differentiates them is that they do this with sincerity and kindness.

They Support Growth

Going by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Americans are lucky to meet essential requirements without much struggle. Our core focus is on self-actualization, and this is what numerous people look for at their place of work. Kind leaders offer chances for growth and encourage people to pursue loftier goals.