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As we head into a year, and with the Covid-19 pandemic no longer a serious threat, it’s best to get out of your cocoon and explore the world through travel.

We all need to reconnect with not only ourselves but also with nature.

That is, 2022 is the year to remind yourself of the world’s amazing geography.

There’s no better place to create a new headspace than visiting the best 2022 European destinations.

So where should you visit? Here are three great places to start with.

Istanbul, Turkey

If exploring historical places is your schtick, then Istanbul is a must-visit.

But if you aren’t a fan of history, no worries. Istanbul has lots of other things to explore – from its gorgeous architecture, food, music, and street entertainment.

The city never gets boring. You’ll have all kinds of activities to do during the day, and then enjoy the nightlife Istanbul has to offer.

As the city that was once capital to Roman and Ottoman empires, you’ll feel like you’ve boarded a time machine and taken it back in time.

Some of the historical sites to check out include Hagia Sophia and the Topkapi Palace.

Istanbul is such a great city to expand your knowledge of history as you explore its modern attractions.

The only downside is that you won’t have enough time to fully appreciate Turkey’s cosmopolitan capital.

Florence, Italy

You’ve not visited Europe if you haven’t been to Italy. The places are amazing, the people are cool, and the food is unforgettable.

Visiting Florence, Italy is an experience of a lifetime.

Historically, Florence influenced and shaped how the world views art. It also changed how we think of man and the world around him.

In other words, Florence is the root of humanism.

Therefore, if you want to connect with your inner soul (at least spiritually), then make Florence your next stop.

It’s a perfect place for the romantics. Take a stroll down the Giardino Bardini gardens with your better half.

Set a date between April and June to get the best romantic experience, just when the wisterias have bloomed.

The Canary Islands, Spain

If you love sunny beaches at any time of the year, irrespective of the season, the Canary Islands are your best 2022 European destination.

These islands enjoy permanent sunshine of up to 68 F (20 degrees Celsius). And it never goes below 57 F (14 Celsius). This makes it perfect for long vacations, possibly with your family and friends.

The Canary Islands boast stunning architecture, world-class museums, delicious cuisines, luxurious hotels, and vibrant nightlife.

The locals love hosting various activities, such as scuba diving, birdwatching, windsurfing, etc.

The Canary Islands in Spain is the best place for nature lovers, family vacations, and Instagrammers.

There are other places to visit in Europe, like Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Paris, etc. Which are all amazing cities to explore.

But the three aforementioned destinations are where you should kick off your post-Covid travels.

So, break a leg visiting Europe. And remember to stay safe.