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Though many people have been working from home for over a year now, not everyone properly set up their home office to be one where they can work productively. Building a productive workspace will mitigate any unwanted distractions and allow creativity to flow better—though many offices have that, home offices usually don’t have this same atmosphere. That’s why, as a professional working at home, it’s imperative that you set up your home office space to benefit you as best as possible. Here are a few ways you can optimise your space.


Find Your Style


What style do you want your office space to have? Though you’re generally stuck with whatever an office gives you while working in an office building, at home, you have the freedom to create whatever space you want. In fact, making design decisions about your workspace can improve your productivity, health, and happiness, according to one study. You don’t need to hire a professional to handle your interior design; consider your own personal style and base your office space off of that. What inspires you? What aesthetic do you generally lean toward? These personal touches can make you more comfortable in your office space and, ultimately, be more productive while you work.


Use the Color Green


Do you want to stimulate your creativity while you’re at work? Look no further than the colour green. Feng shui associates green with growth and decisiveness while calming you down overall. Furthermore, a study at the University of Munich found that green can potentially awaken creative performance by inspiring pure and open mental processing that’s necessary to do creative tasks. This doesn’t mean you have to paint your entire office green—getting plants and other green accessories, or simply painting a green accent wall, can go a long way in bringing green into your life.


Get a Standing Desk


Believe it or not, standing desks are more than just something everyone is raving about. Sitting most of the day can decrease productivity while you work and put you in a relaxed frame of mind that isn’t beneficial for your tasks. Those who use standing desks, though, can experience foot, back, and leg pain. To find the middle ground, alternate between sitting and standing while you work while wearing appropriate footwear to support yourself while standing. A motorised standing desk makes this easy, but you can also get a standing desk on wheels to use throughout the day. You can also get a tabletop standing desk to place on top of your traditional desk.