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Leading Through The Unknown

It’s not business as usual anymore. Things have changed considerably. Companies have altered their business model to adapt to uncertainty. For example, some companies have allowed their workers to continue working from home for another 6 months.

To keep up with the changes, companies have to be ready to abandon the tradition and try new things.

Strategies for dealing with uncertain times

Provide Resources

Leading through the unknown demands preparation from all staff members. The first thing a leader should do is provide resources that can help employees handle unexpected changes. The office should have a stable internet connection so that workers can keep up with online trends. The management should provide laptops to facilitate communication and exchange of information.

The leader should invest in training so that employees can acquire the latest skills in their field. Training is crucial to the survival of a business. Workers can employ what they’ve learned to aid the company to endure uncertain times.

Inclusive Leadership

Leaders should be open-minded and free from bias. Nowadays, it’s difficult to predict consumer behavior because cultures are intertwined through social media interactions. To acknowledge these contemporary trends, a leader should consider the opinions of his or her staff.

The leader should give equitable opportunities to all employees regardless of their gender or cultural background. All opinions matter in inclusive leadership because through those interactions, a leader can get a light-bulb moment or the employees could come up with a novel solution.

Honest Leadership

When leaders pretend they comprehend everything during a crisis, employees assume things are going to be fine. Unfortunately, this strategy only leads to resentment. When things don’t advance the leader’s way, they blame the staff. Some employees may be laid off as a result of that person’s mistake. This leads to resentment from other workers. The result is reduced productivity and high turnover rates.

A leader cannot afford to lose their most competent employees during uncertain times. Hence, the leader should be genuine from the beginning. They should be humble and prepared to accept help from subordinates. Showing vulnerability makes the leader more human. As a result, the workers will be more willing to work with that person.