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Female Leadership

The current pandemic has gauged the ability of reputable leaders to lead amid interlocking and enormous challenges. Some have staggered while others have remained firm. Surprisingly, most countries with impressive responses to the current crisis have a significant number of women leaders.

While the lethal virus is infecting a large number of men, women are also suffering from the economic and social effects of the pandemic. When the pandemic emerged, we witnessed women in labor being turned away from care centers full of coronavirus patients. Additionally, reproductive care was also brought to a standstill. The pandemic also led to increased cases of domestic violence and loss of jobs, mainly in industries dominated by women.

Great leaders are made during a crisis. Women have managed to navigate all these challenges more successfully compared to men. When it comes to health threats, an analysis of 194 countries shows that countries led by women experienced a lower number of covid-19 fatalities. The low rate of infections and fatalities are as a result of right decisions. Women-led countries chose to go on a lockdown earlier than other states.

Here are great leadership lessons we can learn from women leadership during the pandemic.


Great leaders include all interested parties when making decisions. Women make their decisions explicit and don’t lock anyone out. For example, the Norwegian prime minister, Erna Solberg, held covid-19 instructional events for children. These events were geared towards easing the fears and anxiety of the pandemic. That was out of love and empathy, considering that children are not part of the voting population.

Be honest

Passion alone isn’t enough to make someone successful. Truth is vital in every aspect of life because it builds trust. Most women leaders have told the truth to their employees during the pandemic. They have remained optimist and promised their team that they would navigate through the challenges together. Chancellor Angela Merkel relied on facts when developing the country’s lockdown policy.

Leverage technology

The current crisis has shown that technology has solutions to problems facing the human race. The prime minister of Iceland implemented an intensive screening and tracking system that helped curb the spread of the virus in the country. She also introduced double testing and mandatory quarantine for international travelers.