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Trust is the foundation of any healthy relationship. Not only in personal relationships but is also important for professional relationships. Your ability to motivate and inspire your employees would be based on trust.
To lead a team of people, it is important to earn their trust to facilitate maximum productivity. When you earn their trust, they will have confidence in your decisions and will look up to your leadership.

Actions speak louder than words. Hence it is important to align your actions with your words. It is a key factor to building trust with your employees. Here are a few actions that instill trust and build a healthy relationship with those you lead.

Be Supportive and Honest

Communicate with your employees the facts while recognizing their efforts and being sensitive to their feelings. Even when mistakes are made, understanding and extending your support will help a great deal in building trust. Tell the truth even when it is difficult but in a considerate manner.

Be Consistent In Your Actions

Make it a point to be on time. Having people wait for you often will send a message about your lack of respect and commitment. Lead by your actions and follow consistently what you say.

Keep Your Commitments

When you take up a commitment make sure to follow it through. If you cannot deliver the commitment inform in advance. Breaking a commitment can destroy the trust you have built.

Work Out Differences Personally

When you have differences with someone work it out personally with them. Gossiping and venting to others will only break the trust. It will earn you distrust in the circle of your employees.

Own Your Mistakes

Admitting your mistake and taking the responsibility for it will demonstrate your honesty and reliability. Similarly admitting when you don’t know something will speak of your confidence in yourself.

Give Credit Where It Is Due

Give credit to your employees for their contribution, appreciating them will earn you more trust. Also, make sure the people you lead don’t feel that you take credit for their work. It will destroy your credibility.

Maintain Confidentiality

As a leader, you may be bound to keep certain things confidential. Disclosing such confidential matters to others will speak of your trustworthiness and ability to keep confidence.

These are easily said than done. However implementing these points in your daily work routine may help you earn the trust of your employees and build a productive environment.