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Digital marketing has dramatically impacted consumers’ everyday lives, and it’s only growing stronger. The trend is no longer a choice for brands looking to expand their reach but a necessity. It’s not always easy to know what works and what doesn’t when dealing with many different platforms and strategies. Here are some trends to watch this year:


Video Marketing

The best way to market your business is through video marketing. Videos help people understand your brand, product, or service and get a better idea of your personality. If customers watch your video, they are more likely to purchase from you. YouTube or Facebook are ideal for starters. However, other platforms, including Wistia and Vimeo, allow you to upload videos without any knowledge of HTML code.


Mobile Marketing

The digital marketing trend is more than just advertising on smartphones and tablets. It encompasses a diverse landscape of services, including text messaging, mobile shopping, location-based advertising, mobile search engines, to name but a few.

Successful marketers have recognized that this vast new environment presents new opportunities and challenges. Brands can now reach consumers with much more personal and relevant messages by using a variety of mobile mediums to pinpoint their most engaged customers.


Marketing Automation

The strategy involves software applications that enable the marketing team to automate repetitive tasks. Marketing automation can help with the following:

• Managing digital campaigns across all channels.

• Sending out automated emails at scale.

• Providing analytics involving real-time data on user behavior and optimizing as needed.

• Reaching customers by identifying and targeting prospects with high-value opportunities.

• Managing customer relationships by sending personalized messages.

• Receiving updates on new products’ discounts.


Increased Number of Ecommerce Platforms

According to marketing gurus, consumers using these platforms to purchase goods and services would grow by over 40% by 2025. Ecommerce platforms allow businesses to reach their customers with personalized content, tailor product pages to specific needs and preferences, and track customer engagement in real-time. They also give companies a way to build trust with their customers through social media integration, reviews, and customer service tracking.


Final Thoughts

The digital marketing ecosystem is evolving at an exponential rate. Businesses must adapt to these changing conditions and implement new strategies and technologies to stay ahead of the curve. With so many developments in the industry, it can sometimes be difficult for companies to keep pace with all of the latest trends. The above examples will help get you up-to-date on key digital marketing trends shaping the future of online marketing in 2022 and beyond.