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While it’s critical for business owners to look after the mental health of their employees, it’s equally as important for small business owners to look after their own mental health as well. Running a business can be physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially tiring, and the stress that comes with being a business owner can quickly burn you out if you’re not careful. 


The issue that many business owners face is their dedication to their business: though it’s essential to be dedicated to succeed, some business owners spend so much time looking after their business that they forget to take care of themselves. If this sounds like you, here are a few ways you can get yourself (and your health) back on track.


Stick to set hours


Something that many business owners are guilty of doing is working off the clock. It’s tough to not work just a little longer when you own a business, and soon that accumulates to 60+ hour work weeks and almost no time for self-care. What people fail to realize is that if your mental health suffers, your business may go under as a result of that. Counteract this by considering how many hours you should reasonably spend working each week while still having time for personal time, caring for your children and household, and being social with friends. Once you have those set hours, stick to them—don’t go over your schedule. The work will always be there tomorrow or next week if you don’t get it done today.


Accept help


It’s difficult being a small business owner, especially when your mental health is struggling. When you’re having a difficult time, take a moment and reach out for help from others. This can be outsourcing your tasks to others, delegating your work to trusted employees, and other related practices. Asking for help doesn’t make you weak or incapable of running your business—it’s self-care and looking after yourself. Having even a few extra hours free each week can help you feel better emotionally, mentally, and physically.


Have a flexible work environment


What do you need to do for your business? Which of these tasks are necessary to complete in your office or company location? If possible, take your work elsewhere to give yourself a new environment. The more time you’re out of your office, the better your mental health can get; this can even mean merely going to the local coffee shop for a change of pace from your office. Consider setting up a schedule where you spend a few days each week outside of your office or company location to complete your work; this will create a flexible work environment that will give you emotional balance.