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Being productive in the morning does not come naturally to most folks, but is the product of a good morning routine. Knowing how to organize your day, set and work towards goals you have created, and staying dedicated to your work is key to developing a productive morning routine.

These are some habits to adopt in order to create a morning routine.

Make a daily plan ahead of each day

Take some time at the start of each week and at the end of the day to create daily plans that include the tasks you want to accomplish. Not only should this plan include projects, but daily to-do lists that include the normal day to day tasks that need to be seen to. This plan gives you a general idea of where you need to create more time for the larger projects you want to accomplish.

Review your daily tasks each morning

At the start of each new day review the daily plans you have created in order to remind yourself of what you need to get done and how you need to break up your day. Oftentimes we can only begin to form a schedule the morning of depending on that day’s tasks, needs, and errands.

Set clear time frames for work and breaks

Be clear with yourself when it comes to the time you will need to complete each task and how much time you will need between working to relax or take a break. Don’t just include lunch into your day, but leave time between each longer work session to clear your brain and reset for the next task. This is the best way to work, often leading to being more productive in less time than trying to work for long periods and putting of breaks.

Always work with goals in mind

Having something to work towards is one of the best ways to be productive over any amount of time. Make sure you set daily goals that get you closer to larger goals that you have created for yourself. When you divide these large goals up into smaller parts, including monthly, weekly, and daily task lists you can see the progress you have made and stay motivated.