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Although plenty of resources can help you get things done, it’s important to remember that productivity is personal. Many different tools and apps can help you accomplish your goals, but not all will work well for your individual work style.

You may be an efficient note-taker but struggle to focus on tasks. You might also have a hard time communicating with your contacts and teammates.

To help you find the best productivity tools for your specific needs, we’ve collected some of the most popular apps to help you accomplish your goals. These are the best apps to help you get things done faster, from project management tools to digital notebooks.

Microsoft 365

The most popular productivity suite is Microsoft Office. The company has taken over the market with the latest version of its software, Microsoft 365. The main reason Microsoft Office became a market leader was its ability to integrate various applications seamlessly. Its ability to move data between different programs made working more efficient.

The core programs of Microsoft Office are Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. These are designed to help you work more efficiently and effectively. They cover various office tasks such as emails, documents, and spreadsheets.

Despite the various available alternatives, most attempt to catch up with Microsoft by developing new features. Although they might not provide the same level of innovation, the company remains the best choice regarding office productivity. Even if you use alternative software, you’re still likely to work with the same document formats and data collected by the MS Office platform.

Despite the criticisms that Microsoft Office has received, the company remains the best choice regarding office productivity. Its core applications have not been bettered.


One of the most popular productivity tools that can help you accomplish your tasks is Todoist, an app that allows you to organize and record projects. It can also be used to share and assign tasks to other people.


Asana has been around since 2008 and has gained a reputation as a reliable communication tool for companies such as Intel and Uber.

This app was designed to help companies track their employees’ work and get the best possible results. It can also be used to create to-do lists and send reminders. Its features allow team members to comment on posts within the app.

With Asana, you can organize all of your projects in a board or list format, and it has a search function that will allow you to find past work quickly. It’s also a great way to keep track of the progress of your work.

Google Docs

One of the most popular productivity tools that can help you accomplish your tasks is Google Docs, an online word processor that can be used to share documents and collaborate in real-time. It also has a variety of features that can help minimize miscommunication.

Google Docs has a feature allowing users to highlight and make notes about a specific text part. It can also notify everyone in the group about the comment. To protect the privacy and security of its users, Google allows the owner of the documents to set the editing capabilities of the other users.